Billi Bi plejeprodukt pakke

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Billi Biplejeproduktpakke

A package of care products that contain a Protector, a Leather Care, a Leather Wax and a Suede and Nubuck Care.


Protector: A color neutral protector for all types of smooth leather, suede and nubuck. The protector makes the skin more reistant to water (but not waterproof) and protects also against dirt and grime. Not recommended for patent- og high-gloss leather. 

Usage: Use Outdoors. Shake well before use from a distance of 12 inches. Let it dry, preferably overnight.


Leather Care:  A color neutral product that provides care for smooth leather and shoes of combined materials for shiny surfaces. When this product is used the leather shoes will be nourished and have a nice finish.

Usage: Use outdoors and spray from a distace of approx. 12 inches. Polish if needed


Leather Wax: A special shoe care with beeswax which should be used for polido and high-gloss leather. The leather wax spray will nourish, refresh and provide a high shine for leather shoes. 

Usage: Use this product outdoors and shake well. Remove dirt from the leather and spray evenly from a distance of approx 9 inches. Leave to dry and then polish with a brush or a cloth. When used regulary it preserves the beauty of the leather. 


Suede and Nubuck Care: A neutral color refresment and protection for suede and nubuck shoes. This product effectively nourishes, protects and refreshes suede and nubuck.  

Usage: Remove dirt before use. Be sure to cover surroundings to avoid splashes. Shake well before use. Spray evenly from a distacen of approx 12 inches. Let dry and then gently brush the surface using a suede brush.


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