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Shipments within Denmark

We offer free delivery on all shipments within Denmark delivered to a local post office/pick-up location or a private address or a company address. You choose whether you want the delivery with or without ditribution in the checkout when placing your order. Should your order become damaged during delivery you are covered by warranty. 

Our delivery partner Post Nord will bring your parcel to the delivery address between 8am and 4pm. 

Delivery time within Denmark

We strive to process and deliver your order within 1-3 working days. Orders placed before 10am are expected delivered within 2 working days. During sale season, please beware of a possible longer delivery. 

International shipments

We partner with DPD to dispatch deliveries to European addresses outside Denmark. Orders to Greenland, Sweden, and Norway will be delivered by Post Nord. Orders outside Europe will be processed by the countrys local postal service.

Pick up in store

If you select Pick up in store as a method of delivery, please await a confirmation email stating at specified time for pick-up. 

Foreign deliveries

When delivering outside of denmark we are subject to the terms and conditions of the local delivery service in question. Therefore we cannot guarantee a specific time of delivery for international orders.

Delivery costs

• Denmark: DKK 0 (without distribution) / DKK 0 (with distribution)

• Sweden: DKK 70 (without distribution) / DKK 90 (with distribution)

• Germany: DKK 70 (without distribution) / DKK 90 (with distribution)

• Norway: DKK 225 (without distribution) / DKK 255 (with distribution)

• Belgium : DKK 130 (without distribution) / DKK 160 (with distribution)

• Finland: DKK 160 (without distribution) / DKK 185 (with distribution)

• France: DKK 110 (without distribution) / DKK 140 (with distribution)

• Netherlands: DKK 110 (without distribution) / DKK 140 (with distribution)

• Luxembourg: DKK 125 (without distribution) / DKK 140 (with distribution)

• Austria: DKK 190 (without distribution) / DKK 210 (with distribution)

• Estonia: DKK 390

• Faroe Island: DKK 390

• Greece: DKK 450

• Greenland: DKK 380

• Ireland: DKK 390

• Iceland: DKK 480

• Italy: DKK 280

• Croatia: DKK 390

• Latvia: DKK 390

• Lithuania: DKK 395

• Poland: DKK 240

• Portugal: DKK 425

• Russia: DKK 490

• Switzerland: DKK 330

• Spain (exept. Balearic and the Canary Islands): DKK 390

• Great Britain: DKK 285

• Czech Republic: DKK 240

• Hungary: DKK 390

• United States: DKK 370

• Canada: DKK 580

• Singapore: DKK 525

• Turkey: DKK 400

• UAE, Australia, Israel, China, Thailand: DKK 760


Is your country not on the above list? Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding delivery at webshop@billibi.com.  

Please note: Billibi.com is not responsible for any local customs or sale taxes incurred after delivery leaves Denmark.

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