Billi Bi



The boot is not only suited for the cold winter months. At Billi Bi we offer a wide selection of different designs - all of them in the utmost level of quality with a perfect fit and most importantly, in a beautiful design to fit the current trends. At Billi Bi you will find both flat boots with and without a warm lining, a range of different ankle boots, the more feminine bootie and of course, the knee boot with and without extra width. Find your own favourite at Billi Bi.

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  • Billi Bi 4744

    Billi Bi 4744

    DKK 1.999,00
  • Billi Bi 1015 (smal vidde)

    Billi Bi 1015 (smal vidde)

    DKK 1.899,00
  • Billi Bi 8113 (Normal width)

    Billi Bi 8113 (Normal width)

    DKK 1.899,00
  • Billi Bi 1013 (X width)

    Billi Bi 1013 (X width)

    DKK 1.899,00