"At Billi Bi, we work hard at reducing our environmental and social impact. We see it as our moral abligation continuously to find new sustainable ways that can contribute to a positive effect on the environment today and in the future."

- Carsten Friis, CEO

Sustainable production

Billi Bi is a member of Leather Working Group that works towards improving the entire value and supply chain in the leather industry. With our LWG membership, we ensure that all leather manufacturers and tanneries comply with the rules of social responsibility, less chemicals and reduction of water and energy consumption.

Recycled packaging

At Billi Bi, we are very aware of our consuption of materials and continuously try to reduce our impact on the environment. Therefore, we only use bags made of CO2-neutral and recyclable materials. Our I'm green bags are produced using ethanol from sugar cane - a natural and recyclable material. All our shoes boxes are also made of recyclable FSC material.

We support UN's world goals

To minimize our social and environmental impact, Billi Bi has made a decision to incorporate the global goals for sustainable development into our sustainability strategy, focusing on 3 goals where we feel we can have the greatest impact:
Gender equality, clean water and sanitation, responsible consumption and production.

Our animal welfare policy

At Billi Bi, we do not accept that animals under any circumstances are harmed for the manufacturing of our products. We do not use: Leather that is not a by-product from animals that have been bred for the food industry. Leather obtained from live-skinning or live-boiling. Feathers from birds that have not been bred and raised for the food industry. Feathers from greylag geese due to the risk that they have been force-fed to produce foie gras. Feathers from birds that have been live plucked. Wool from sheep that have been exposed to mulesing. Angora wool. Mohair. Materials derived from species that appear on the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) or IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) lists of endangered species. In addition, Billi Bi requires that any materials derived from animals used in our products are from animals that are treated humanely and according to animal welfare laws and recommendations.

The production

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Our passion

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Our story

A shoe adventure that started in 1993 with a French mussel soup and a dream of designing trendy and edgy shoes for young women